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Your electrical panel is critical to your home's overall efficiency. It controls the flow of energy throughout your home. If you're running into problems with your electrical panel, upgrade it by hiring C & L Electrical Solutions, LLC. We offer residential and commercial electrical services throughout the Lynn, Massachusetts area.

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When should you upgrade your electrical panel?

When should you upgrade your electrical panel?

You might be asking yourself, "Does my home need an electrical panel upgrade?" Many homes have up-to-date systems, but if you're running into problems or questioning your electrical system's efficiency, you may need to schedule an upgrade.

You should consider upgrading your electrical panel if:

  • You're remodeling. If you're renovating the rest of your home, upgrade your electrical panel upgrade so it can power your new rooms without hassle.
  • It constantly needs repairs. If you have faulty breakers and consistent problems with your unit, replace it.
  • You notice something off. Strange smells or sounds are often indicators of a bigger problem.

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